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by Mickey Santos | 3 tracks

Introducing the music release from Mickey Santos, "3AM". This hauntingly beautiful track features authentic, melancholic strings and piano, creating an intense atmosphere. The vocals, sung with raw emotion, capture the feeling of being alone in the early hours of the morning, when strange things start happening and the mind begins to wander.

The lyrics speak of trying to tie loose ends and make sense of a past relationship, but finding that the threads keep unraveling. The singer hears words and believes that their loved one is calling their name, but ultimately realizes that they are alone. The past creeps in, and the singer wishes that the person they loved was next to them, but knows that it may not be possible.

The track is a powerful expression of the vulnerability and longing that can come with the end of a relationship. It is a reminder that, even in the darkest hours, we are not alone in our struggles.

"3AM" is a must-listen for fans of emotive and introspective music. It is a powerful and poignant reminder of the human experience and the complexities of love and loss.

was released 2022-12-16


  • 3AM (Melancholic Strings Mix) 03:28
  • 3AM 03:17
  • 3AM (Sad Guitar Mix) 02:45