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Comparing Spitfire Audios Originals Felt Piano and Intimate Grand Piano

Comparing Spitfire Audios Originals Felt Piano and Intimate Grand Piano


When it comes to virtual instruments, Spitfire Audio has established itself as a prominent name in the music production industry. Their dedication to capturing the essence of acoustic instruments in the digital realm has led to the creation of remarkable VST libraries. In this blog post, we will compare two of Spitfire Audios VST Originals: Felt Piano and Intimate Grand Piano. These piano libraries offer unique sonic qualities, each catering to different musical contexts and preferences.

Originals Felt Piano

Felt Piano: Warm and Ethereal

The Felt Piano VST by Spitfire Audio is celebrated for its warm and ethereal sound. It is the perfect choice for musicians and composers looking to add a delicate and dreamy touch to their compositions. Here are some key features:

  • Warm Tones: Felt Piano is known for its soft and mellow tones, thanks to the use of felt dampers on the strings. This creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere in your music.
  • Evolving Textures: The library includes various presets and controls that allow you to sculpt evolving and evolving sonic textures. It is ideal for ambient, cinematic, and experimental music.
  • Expressive Dynamics: Felt Piano responds well to your playing dynamics, enabling you to infuse emotion and expression into your performances.
  • Reverb Options: The included reverb options provide a sense of space and depth, enhancing the overall sound quality of the instrument.
Felt Piano

Originals Intimate Grand Piano

Intimate Grand Piano: Versatile and Expressive

On the other hand, Spitfire Audios Intimate Grand Piano VST Original offers a versatile and expressive piano experience. It is designed for musicians who seek the rich and dynamic sound of a grand piano. Here is what sets it apart:

  • Rich Grand Piano Sound: Intimate Grand Piano captures the full-bodied sound of a grand piano with a wide dynamic range, making it suitable for various genres, from classical to pop.
  • Expressive Performances: The VST is equipped with features like pedal noise, sympathetic resonance, and detailed sampling, allowing for highly expressive and realistic piano performances.
  • Customizable Controls: Intimate Grand Piano provides extensive controls for tone shaping, dynamics, and more, giving you the flexibility to achieve the desired piano sound.
Intimate Grand Piano

Rating: 5/5

Ultimately, the choice between Felt Piano and Intimate Grand Piano depends on your musical style and the sonic characteristics you are seeking. If you are aiming for a warm and dreamy ambiance, Felt Piano is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you need a versatile and expressive grand piano sound, Intimate Grand Piano delivers the goods. Both VST Originals showcase Spitfire Audios commitment to capturing the essence of acoustic instruments and providing musicians with exceptional virtual instruments.

In your music production journey, exploring these two remarkable VSTs can open up new creative possibilities and add depth to your compositions. Whether you opt for the ethereal charm of Felt Piano or the versatile expressiveness of Intimate Grand Piano, you are sure to find the perfect piano sound for your musical endeavors.


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