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The maxi single The Laplacian (Platformer Soundtrack) by Mickey Santos is released.

The maxi single Guitarra De Silencio by Mickey Santos is released.

The song "Guitarra De Silencio (Guitar Chill Out Solo)" is released on the "Various Artists" album Zen Garden: Winter Vibes of the label "Chilling Grooves Music".

"Reaching Fever Pitch" by Mickey Santos is released on a "Various Artists" album Progressive Trance Transition of the label "Trance Gold Records".

The album Trance Music with 12 tracks by Mickey Santos is released.

"Life without Sky (Club Mix)" is released on the "Various Artists" album Hands Up in Heaven, Vol. 1 of the label "Decadencia".

"Life without Sky (Club Mix)" is released on the "Various Artists" album Disco Candy Pop Sensation, Vol. 7 of the label "Decadencia".

"Life without Sky (Radio Version)" is released on the album The Dutch House Beats of ADE: Amsterdam 2016 of the label "Dirrty Budapest".

Mickey Santos performed as a deejay in clubs and hosted a radio show called "ElectroMotion" which presented the best of danceable house music.

The maxi single Body Contact by Mickey Santos is released.

The album Glamorous with 12 tracks is released.

The maxi single Falling Down by Mickey Santos is released.

The maxi single Dreamland by Mickey Santos is released.

Mickey Santos founded his label "Sunset Silencio".

Sunset Silencio

Music by "Mickey Santos" is released on the "Various Artists" Album "Trance Now Vol. 2" of Globaltraxx.

Sunset Silencio Releases


Album "Trance Music" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Trance Music
  • In Toledo 03:56
  • Into the Ocean 03:05
  • Ave Maria 04:13
  • Hava Nagila 04:46
  • Hungarian Dance No. 5 04:42
  • Reaching Fever Pitch 05:25
  • Fuego 04:02
  • Life Without Sky (Club Mix) 07:56
  • Life Without Sky (Radio Version) 03:58
  • Xcited (Club Mix) 07:03
  • Xcited (Radio Version) 04:35
  • Tears of Dawn 03:31

Album "Glamorous" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Glamorous
  • Glamorous 08:37
  • Dreamland 09:13
  • Falling Down 09:39
  • Rising Sun 06:31
  • Nightshine 05:36
  • Tribal Tattoo 07:00
  • Los Viajes 04:12
  • Nobody Cares 06:34
  • Colors of Life 04:09
  • Felicidades 04:05
  • Dreamland (Feat. Melodize) 05:37
  • Glamorous (Feat. Disharmonics) 07:49


Single "The Laplacian (Platformer Soundtrack)" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - The Laplacian (Platformer Soundtrack)
  • The Laplacian (Radio Mix) 03:52
  • The Laplacian (Intro Theme) 02:08
  • The Laplacian (Main Theme) 03:48
  • The Laplacian (Boss Theme) 02:43

Single "Guitarra De Silencio" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Guitarra De Silencio
  • Guitarra de Silencio (Club Mix) 03:48
  • Guitarra de Silencio (Radio Version) 02:51
  • Guitarra de Silencio (Guitar Chill Out Solo) 04:28

Single "Body Contact" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Body Contact
  • Body Contact (Radio Mix) 03:17
  • Body Contact (Club Mix) 06:11
  • Body Contact (Original Mix) 04:29

Single "Falling Down" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Falling Down
  • Falling Down 09:39
  • Falling Down (Radio Mix) 03:18
  • Falling Down (Original Mix) 05:01

Single "Dreamland" by Mickey Santos
Out now!

Mickey Santos - Dreamland
  • Dreamland 09:13
  • Dreamland (Radio Mix) 03:50
  • Dreamland (Mix Edit) 03:26

Sunset Silencio Artists

Mickey Santos

Mickey Santos

Mickey Santos, born in 1982, is a german DJ, musician and producer of electronic music. He was born near Cologne. He has produced trance-songs for many years. While studying sound studies in Bonn he started producing songs that were described as melodic, energetic and liberating. Some of his tracks has been released on independent labels. End of 2009 Mickey Santos founded his private german record label Sunset Silencio. Releases on Sunset Silencio are a mixture of trance, house and electro songs that refer to the experience of watching a sunset in summer. Since 2010 he performed as a deejay in clubs and in 2010 he hosted a radio show called "ElectroMotion" which presented the best of danceable house music.. he also released the album Glamorous and the three maxis Body Contact, Falling Down and Dreamland on his label. More songs followed.

  • Mickey Santos
  • Mickey Santos
  • Mickey Santos
  • Mickey Santos
  • Mickey Santos
  • Mickey Santos



Born in 1977, #Disharmonics could inspire at a young age for the electronic music. In 1989, fascinated by electronic sounds, he got his first keyboard and spent the most time on the radio to play through everything. He taught himself so the keys match. The biggest influences that formed his unique style and musical character were among others Talking Hands, Paul Hardcastle, Peter Schilling, Depeche Mode, DJ Dag, Jam & Spoon, Thorsten Fenslau, Andry Nalin (Nalin Inc), Emanuel Top and Der dritte Raum. The scene of Frankfurt and the Dorian Gray (Airport) influenced him substantial.

1994 moved to Cologne, he became acquainted with the night life, established first contacts and started to reside as Dj in clubs such as the Rhine Halls, 42, Playground, Warehouse, Progress, Ysabeau and Octogon. Radio "Sensation" from Cologne was discovered on him. As regular quest Dj he was a part of the radiostation.

After some time, he found more and more interest to produce his own tracks and remixes of various artists such as Mickey Santos, Rino da Silva or Beat Constructor. Some of his tracks made it in the top 3 positions of the Uptrax Dance Charts and thus in the rotation list of radio Sunshine Live. But of course the time behind the decks was slightly too short.

At the beginning of 2011 Disharmonics established the webradio DishFm. There he has presented his radio show Soundflash successfully for three years and are also broadcasted on Afroradio and ProgressiveFm (Italia). Today, he is regulary booked for clubs such as Studio21 (Innsbruck, Austria), Underground (Hanover, Taktwerk) and Loom Club (Cologne).

Tracks of Disharmonics

  • Glamorous (Feat. Disharmonics) 07:49



I was born in Braunschweig on June 23, 1980. After finishing school in 1997, I started as a trainee at Volkswagen where I am still successfully employed. Ever since my childhood, I have had an ardent passion that is still strong today - music. At first I played percussion while my interest in electronic music grew and grew. I composed songs using a variety of programs, starting with ejay - and moving on to various versions of Magix on my PC. In this way I continued to develop the quality of my songs, which met with an increasingly good reception. Since 2009 I have been using FL Studio 8 and SirAlexx morphed into Melodize. Why Melodize? Simply because "to melodize" used to mean "to put songs to music", or in other words, to give them a character in the form of a melody. You can hear and feel the character of Melodize in each and every song. My specialties are Electro, House, and Trance. On the one hand I would like my music to make listeners feel good, and on the other I also treat topics which are of concern to myself or to people in general.

Tracks of Melodize

  • Dreamland (Feat. Melodize) 05:37

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