Sunset Silencio

Electronic Music by Mickey Santos

Symphonia Silencio

"Symphonia Silencio" is a captivating musical odyssey that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting listeners to embark on an emotional journey like no other. This album weaves together a tapestry of sound, blending possible film scores, modern classical compositions, and emotive piano and violin improvisations into a mesmerizing auditory experience.

"Symphonia Silencio" is an invitation to take your time and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of emotions woven by piano and strings. Whether you seek introspection, solace, or simply a moment of musical bliss, this album offers a diverse range of compositions that will touch your heart and stir your soul. Enjoy the journey.



  • Symphonia Silencio 05:33
  • Shattered Dreams 04:55
  • Fading Memories of Life 04:03
  • Reflections of Sorrow 09:24
  • Controlling Tears 03:17
  • Guitarra De Silencio (Piano Chillout Solo) 04:27
  • Into the Ocean (Orchestral Mix) 04:37
  • Tale of Dawn 02:56
  • Lost in Reverie 03:56
  • I Hear Your Voice 02:48

was released 2024-02-24